Management committee

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Mama Zelphina Maposela - Founder and director who oversees the organisation and its sustainability.
Mr. Mbuyisi Sithole - Managing coordinator who is responsible for management of the projects, activities, and programmes.
Miss Hazel Maposela - Administrator who does all the bookkeeping and other administrative work.
Child & Youth Care Worker/Soccer Coach – Helps the children to understand their common objectives and assists them in planning to achieve their goals


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There are 10 staff members who work in two different shifts, day and night, cooking meals and monitoring sickness so that the children are under supervision at all times.


The children at Emasi are from different difficult backgrounds and arrive at Emasi for a variety of reasons; however, all are affected in some way by HIV/AIDS and the grips of poverty. Some are here for a short time while others are here permanently. We normally receive children from the elected street committees who know what is happening inside and out in the community. Otherwise, children are placed here by a social worker. Children who are abandoned or missing and find themselves in the police station are also brought to Emasithandane. The majority of our children are from Nyanga East and the surrounding areas.
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After a few weeks the children start to gain weight, feel loved, and enjoy themselves.  They feel like children again, with smiles on their faces. We have a lot of prosperous stories, some children continue with further education and some get married. But the main goal is to re-bond the family and the child when they are eighteen, whereby they can defend themselves from a previously abusive situation. We believe that it is best for each child to understand incambu zabo (their roots).

Block 6 No 3
Sithandatu Ave, Mthandeki Street
Nyanga East, 7755
Cape Town
(Opposite to Nyanga Community Health Centre/Clinic)
Mr Siyanda Nkewana
Managing Coordinator
+27 (0) 79 255 7552
Miss Hazel Maposela
+27 (0) 76 1551 475

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