Emasi is run solely on donations. To run a home for over 30 children we estimate we require about R100,000 per month.

We currently receive approximately R25,000-R30,000 donations in cash and kind monthly.

We are therefore approximately R70,000 short of our monthly target to clothe, shelter and educate the children in the way we would like.

We are looking to diversify our donor base so that we aren't overly reliant on one or two generous donors. Please consider setting up a monthly debit order of anything from R10 to R1,000 per month. The more people we have supporting the home the more sustainable our future is.

Please see examples of what your donation can buy below:

R15 buys a child a meal

R250 buys a child a pair of school shoes

R360 buys a child a winter uniform

R500 buys sanitary towels for all the girls for the month

R1000 buys 3 meals per day for a child for a month

R8,000 buys household expenses for a month (toileteries, cleaning goods, nappies, petrol)

R40,000 buys food for the entire house for the month

Please make your donations into the bank or paypal account below:

Account Name:   Emasithandane Children’s Organisation
Name of Bank:   Standard Bank
Type of Account:   Cheque Account
Branch Code:   051001
Account Number:   073916005
Reference:   Your Name
Paypal address:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it