Needs List

Emasi is grateful for the help of generous donors. However, Emasi continues to live month to month without being able to pay staff a living wage nor provide children with adequate space to live.

Key needs that have not been sponsored are listed below:

Short term

  • School uniforms (c.R360 per child)
  • School shoes
  • Weekly groceries (rice, fruit and vegetables, dairy, poultry and meat)
  • Toileteries and sanitary products  

Medium term

  • Caregivers receive a stipend below a living wage we would like to pay each caregiver a minimum of R4,000 per month
  • Additional tutors for the tutoring programme which currently only services high school students

Long term

  • Buying more space to ensure a maximum of 6 children per 25sqm room
  • Creating a communal study space to foster a learning environment
  • Creating a play area for the smaller children