Needs List

We are grateful for all donations; however, we have compiled a list of our most pressing needs. Should you be able to help with any of the items listed below, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Our biggest need is a car or micro bus. Transport is a constant struggle and cost for Emasithandane. Our children need to get to school, sporting events, camps, check-ups at the doctor, and after-school programmes. Our staff needs a better way to get groceries, attend workshops/training, and collect donations. To fill this gap we are appealing for a car or minivan. With this vehicle we can save time and have our own safe private transport.

Other needs at Emasithandane include:

  • Sports balls,  soccer equipment and sponsorship for the team
  • Deepfreeze/ Refrigerator, industrial washing machine and stoves
  • Money for care workers’ salaries
  • Bunk beds and mattresses
  • Cribs and cots
  • Money for home renovations
  • Weekly or monthly visits from a doctor/nurse
  • Long term counseling from a therapist
  • Clothing, such as, but not limited to, warm sweaters, rain wear and blankets
  • Medical supplies (basic first aid kits)
  • Infant formula
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Nappies (diapers)
  • Food
  • Basic kitchen wear
  • Bottles, pacifiers, Sippy cups
  • Toiletries
  • Tools
  • Desks (for homework)
  • Educational toys and games
  • Teething toys for babies and toddlers
  • Computers or laptops
  • Digital camera
  • Grocery- List can be sent if requested. Costs approx R1000 in addition of what we receiving per week.
  • Cartridge ink for HP Officejet 6313 printer, Number 130 and 135.
  • Bursaries or donations to further educate children’s for tertiary level
Monthly Pre-Paid Electricity:
  • Meter Number is 04909805337 (City of Cape Town)
  • Meter is registered under Z. Maposela
  • You can purchased electricity at your nearest store and pin number texted to Zelphina or Mbuyisi on 0761948737 and 0735181763

Block 6 No 3
Sithandatu Ave, Mthandeki Street
Nyanga East, 7755
Cape Town
(Opposite to Nyanga Community Health Centre/Clinic)
Mr Siyanda Nkewana
Managing Coordinator
+27 (0) 79 255 7552
Miss Hazel Maposela
+27 (0) 76 1551 475

    Email address:

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