After School Classes



We provide after school classes to assist the children with work from schools. Education is the primary channel towards ultimately being employed and earning a decent salary. The children need to achieve the marks necessary to matriculate well, and gain acceptance into higher education. We strongly believe that the children therefore deserve educational assistance, especially given the poor quality of schools they attend and the disadvantage relative to wealthier schools. Many of the children are far behind grade requirements and need comprehensive relearning of material.  Three tutors give 2 hour classes three times a week for the 12 high school children. The tutors focus on homework, assignments and general understanding on a range of school subjects including Maths, Physical Sciences, English and Accounting.

Currently, the tutors are funded by individual donors. The number of tutors is constrained by funding. The selection process for tutors included a call for CVs distributed to universities in the Western Cape, with the minimum criterion of 70% for mathematics in matric and aided by experience in tutoring.

We urgently need to expand the tutoring to primary school and preschool kids, so that we are not simply dealing with a backlog of learning by high school. The school system cannot be relied on for adequate learning, and the children need daily assistance and supervision to keep up with work.

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