Short Programmes

short-P1Short Programmes are activities, trainings, and events that raise awareness for Emasi or teach basic skills for our children and also serve as fundraisers. They are usually put on by a joint effort of the Emasi management team and friends/supporters.

Examples include:
  • Emasithandane holds an annual one day soccer tournament. Company teams from Cape Town are invited to participate in this event. The teams are asked to donate an entrance fee and the money goes towards Emasithandane.
  • In April of 2010 a short programme was implemented for six older children who were enrolled in a photography workshop. They took part in photography classes and were given assignments to try to capture their lives on film. They were given an opportunity to exhibit their work at the Misael Gallery in Cape Town.  

Programmes like these are important for the children because they help develop their creativity and keep them busy and out of trouble. 

We are open to all proposals for similar short programmes that the children at Emasithandane can take part in. How to Help